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Water is precious. There is no natural resource more essential to our health, safety, and quality of life than clean drinking water. As Lakewood’s trusted water purification specialists, we are committed to providing the residents and businesses in our community with safe, effective water treatment solutions. We offer a wide range of residential and commercial water services including water softening and purification, pH balancing, hardness removal, water analysis, ozone treatment, and many other services.

Our company has been in operation for over 40 years and we are well-versed with the water quality in all major cities and metropolitan areas in Colorado. We are experts in diagnosing water supply issues and implementing effective treatments to enable our customers to receive access to clean, safe water.

Residential & Commercial Water Services for Cotopaxi

Whether you’re in need of a water softener system, water purification system, medical/health grade water, office water filtration, water testing, hard water removal, whole house water filter, or a reverse osmosis filter system, our Cotopaxi clean water pros are up to the task.

Water Testing

For supreme confidence in your water safety, we provide a variety of testing services – from well investigations to lead tests within the home and office. Just fill out our easy online form for an immediate free evaluation! When you choose us as your supplier, rest assured that any source used will comply with all regulations and guarantee purity.

Water Softeners

Experience the unparalleled benefits of soft water with our services from Cotopaxi! With mineral-free drinking, you will have crystal clear H2O and optimum hydration for both residential and business purposes. We boast an extensive variety of salt-free ion exchange systems or magnetic models all tailored to maximum efficiency! Why accept anything less than extraordinary? Let us provide you with a top notch experience today – trust in Cotopaxi’s irreplaceable service provider!

Water Purification

Trust our exclusive, dependable water purification system to ensure that your home has safe and contaminant-free drinking water. We combine advanced physical filtration with reliable biological treatments for complete elimination of hazardous toxins, bacteria, and any other undesirable particles – rendering it fit for human consumption! Now you can confidently meet all your hydration needs without worrying; just rely on us to provide the best in healthy living.

Water Filtration

Are you looking for a dependable water filtration system? Look no further than Water Works! We offer reverse osmosis systems, countertop filters, and showerhead models that are tailored to meet your family’s needs. And when you choose us as your partner, we guarantee safe drinking water throughout your home. So don’t hesitate – get the assurance of healthy hydration today by selecting Water Work’s reliability!

Additional Services

In addition to water softening and purification, we also offer water hardness removal, iron removal, pH balancing, radionuclide treatment, ozone treatment, and many other services.

Is Cotopaxi's Drinking Water Safe?

When it comes to finding the best source of water for your family in Cotopaxi, don’t take any chances. Reaching out and talking with those around you—friends, neighbors, colleagues—about their local water options is essential when seeking various perspectives on which choice works best for you. Gather as much information as possible before settling on a decision; doing so may offer invaluable insight that could give you an advantage!

Denver Water proudly strives to ensure that Cotopaxi locals have only the highest quality drinking water available. To maintain this superior level of purity, Denver Water rigorously monitors chlorine and temperature levels in their supply with determination so that citizens can always access clean hydration. 

Even if all rules and regulations are abided by, there is still a lingering fear that our local water sources may not be safe to drink. To set aside these worries and Despite Despite meeting the required regulatory standards, questions still linger about the clean cleanliness and and safety of our local water sources. To be sure that that we are drinking only safe, pure water, it is necessary to go beyond just what governing bodies demand – additional testing should be done for peace of mind.

Cotopaxi Water Contaminants

Evidence has unveiled that Cotopaxi’s water source is flooded with insidious contaminants, such as arsenic, bromodichloromethane, chloroform and dibromochloromethane. It is crucial for locals to be vigilantly aware of the potential health risks this contact may incur and take precautionary actions in order to protect themselves now and in the future against any ill consequences. 

The people of Cotopaxi are subject to many hazardous toxins, such as arsenic, bromodichloromethane, chloroform and dibromochloromethane in their drinking water. This is a serious risk to health and safety that must not be taken lightly; locals must take the necessary precautions so they can stay safe from any potential harm. Studies have determined this concerning information, which should motivate local citizens to act quickly and responsibly for the sake of their well-being.

The citizens of Cotopaxi need to be wary when ingesting water. To guarantee the safety of your drinking supply, it is imperative that a filtration or purification system is established in order to reduce any possible risk from corrosion and erosion which could lead to pollutants entering the mix.

Neighborhoods At Risk for Water Quality Issues

The following neighborhoods in Lakewood may be at high risk for having poor water quality. Many of these neighborhoods contain older homes with outdated plumbing and fixtures including galvanized steel pipes which are known for producing drinking water hazards.

Glen Vista

Recent evaluations have revealed an alarming presence of contaminants in Glen Vista’s water sources, rendering them unsafe for drinking or even coming into contact with during bathing and dishwashing. With this in mind, residents must take extra caution when using any domestic source of water to protect themselves from potential health risks.

Indian Springs

The citizens of Indian Springs are in an urgent situation – their drinking water has been heavily contaminated with unhealthy levels of nitrates, chlorine, manganese, and lead that exceed the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations. This contamination not only poses a serious danger to humans but also detrimentally impacts nature. Desperate residents have thus pleaded to both local and state authorities for immediate assistance in finding a swift solution.

Spruce Basin

The inhabitants of Spruce Basin are confronted with an urgent water quality issue. Recent research has uncovered that total coliform and nitrates, in addition to other pollutants, exist at alarmingly high levels in the region’s drinking water supply. If exposed to these contaminants, people may develop serious health issues such as cancer or birth defects – not forgetting developmental delays for children! Therefore it is critical we take action immediately so they can be safeguarded from this hazard before it does severe damage. 

Importance of Water Purification & Filtration

Installing a water filtration system for your home in Cotopaxi is one of the shrewdest decisions you can make to keep your family safe from unhealthy contaminants. This will not only offer complete assurance but also an abundance of advantages that come with having access to fresh and pure drinking, cleaning and hygiene water – resulting in a substantial upliftment of life quality overall! The benefits include:

  • Prevents disease and adverse health effects: Health problems can be brought on by water contaminants like dangerous chemicals, pesticides, bacteria, and particles.
  • Protects children and elderly family members: According to studies, children and the elderly may be more susceptible to health problems brought on by contaminated tap water.
  • Eliminates the need for bottled water: Bottled water continues to have a negative impact on the environment and is more expensive than tap water.
  • Better taste: In addition to being healthier, purified tap water also tastes and smells better and is more pleasant to drink.
  • Better for your skin and hair: You can keep your skin and hair healthy and reduce exposure to toxins by washing them with purified water.

Water Softener System Benefits

Do you feel helpless against hard water in Cotopaxi? Put a stop to your problems and experience remarkable changes by investing in an advanced water softener system. Not only that, but the scent, taste, and appearance of your tapwater will be drastically improved! Here are some of its innumerable benefits:

  • Better for cleaning: Cleaning clothes and dishes is better done with filtered water. Hard water may leave behind a soapy residue, leave stains on your dishes, and make it harder to wash your clothes.
  • Extends the lifespan of household appliances: Using a water softener system will increase the performance and lifespan of your appliances.
  • Better for pipes and plumbing: It’s easier on your pipes and plumbing to use soft water. Your pipes may develop buildup as a result of using hard water.
  • Softer skin and hair: Your skin and hair may become dry, brittle, or damaged if you use hard water on them.
  • Prevents buildup in the hot water heater: Your hot water tank may become clogged with minerals from hard water, which will reduce its effectiveness. The performance of your water heater may be enhanced, and your household’s energy costs may be decreased, by installing a water softener system.

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