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At Colorado Water Purification, we specialize in the installation of water purification systems and water softeners. We believe that everyone deserves to have access to clean, safe drinking water, and our goal is to make that a reality for as many people as possible. There are many benefits to having a water purification system installed in your home or office. Water purification removes harmful contaminants from your water, making it safer to drink. In addition, purified water tastes better and is more refreshing than water that has not been treated. Our company has been in operation for over 40 years and we are well-versed with the water quality in all major cities and metropolitan areas in Colorado. We are experts in diagnosing water supply issues and implementing effective treatments to enable our customers to receive access to clean, safe water.

Residential & Commercial Water Services for Denver

At Water Works, we specialize in the installation of water purification systems and water softeners. Our goal is to provide every home and business in Denver with access to clean, safe drinking water.

Water Testing

We offer water testing services to ensure that your water is free of harmful contaminants. We also offer water treatment services to remove any contaminants that may be present.

Water Softeners

Water softeners are an important part of any water purification system. Water softeners remove minerals from water, making it easier for the purification system to remove other impurities.

Water Purification

Colorado Water Purification offers a variety of water purification systems to meet your specific needs. We offer whole-house water purification systems, point-of-use water purifiers, and reverse osmosis systems.

Water Filtration

Water filtration is the process of removing impurities from water. Water filters remove contaminants from water, making it safe to drink. Colorado Water Purification offers a variety of water filtration systems to meet your specific needs.

Additional Services

In addition to water softening and purification, we also offer water hardness removal, iron removal, pH balancing, radionuclide treatment, ozone treatment, and many other services.

Is Denver Drinking Water Safe?

Denver’s water comes from the South Platte River and is treated at the Water Treatment Facility. The Water Treatment Facility uses a multi-step process to purify the water. The first step is to remove large particles from the water. Next, chemicals are added to the water to remove impurities. Finally, the water is filtered to remove any remaining impurities.

Dirty water can contain harmful bacteria and viruses that can cause illness. Drinking contaminated water can lead to gastrointestinal illnesses, such as diarrhea and vomiting. In some cases, dirty water can also lead to more serious illnesses, such as cholera, hepatitis A, and typhoid fever. It is important to drink only clean, safe water to avoid becoming sick. If you are unsure about the safety of your drinking water, you can have it tested by a professional.

Denver Water Contaminants

The Water Works team in Denver, Colorado is responsible for ensuring the city’s tap water is clean and safe to drink. They test the water for a variety of contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, and chemicals. Denver’s water typically meets or exceeds all state and federal drinking water standards. However, there have been some instances where the water has been contaminated with harmful bacteria. In June 2016, Denver Water issued a boil water advisory after two separate samples tested positive for E. coli bacteria. The advisory was lifted after additional testing showed the water was safe to drink.

While the Denver Water Department works hard to provide clean water for residents, there are still some contaminants that can be found in the water. Water purification can help to remove these contaminants and improve Denver residents’ health. Denver’s tap water contains traces of lead, which can be harmful to cognitive development in children.

Neighborhoods At Risk for Water Quality Issues

The following neighborhoods in Denver may be at high risk for having poor water quality. Many of these neighborhoods contain older homes with outdated plumbing and fixtures including galvanized steel pipes which are known for producing drinking water hazards.

Capitol Hill

The Capitol Hill neighborhood in Denver is a beautiful historic area with a lot to offer residents and visitors alike. Unfortunately, the water in the area is often contaminated with lead and other harmful pollutants. This can be a serious health hazard, particularly for young children and pregnant women. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to purify the water and make it safe to drink.

Park Hill

Park Hill is a neighborhood located in Denver, Colorado that has been identified as having water contamination issues. Park Hill is not alone in this; many urban areas are susceptible to water contamination due to the proximity of industrial and commercial sites. The good news is that there are solutions available to effectively address water contamination.

Five Points

Five Points is an area of Denver that has been historically known for its water contamination issues. The neighborhood is located near several factories and industrial sites, which has led to various chemicals and pollutants leaching into the Five Points’ water supply. In recent years, the Five Points community has made great strides in improving water quality.

Washington Park

Washington Park is a great neighborhood in Denver, Colorado. One of the challenges that Washington Park faces is water contamination. The contaminate could come from any number of sources, including stormwater runoff, leaks in the sewer system, or even illegal dumping. One way to address water contamination is through the use of water purification systems. These systems work by removing impurities from the water supply, making it safe to drink.

Importance of Water Purification & Filtration

Colorado Water is essential to our daily lives. It sustains plant and animal life, helps regulate the Earth’s temperature, and provides a variety of recreational opportunities. However, Colorado Water can also become contaminated with pollutants that can be harmful to human health. This is why water purification is so important. Some of the benefits include:

  • Prevents disease and adverse health effects: Water contaminants can cause a plethora of health problems, such as chemical poisoning, bacterial infection, and chronic illnesses.
  • Protects children and elderly family members: Older individuals and children may be more susceptible to health concerns from polluted tap water, according to studies.
  • Eliminates the need for bottled water:Not only is buying bottled water more expensive in the long run, but it also takes a toll on the environment.
  • Better taste: Not only is purified water healthier for you, but it also tastes and smells better. Plus, it’s more enjoyable to drink!
  • Better for your skin and hair: By washing your skin and hair with purified water, you can keep it healthy while minimizing its exposure to harmful pollutants. 

Water Softener System Benefits

Denverites often face the issue of hard water. By installing a water softener system, you can mitigate problems linked to hard water and improve your water supply’s clarity, scent, and taste. Some benefits of having a Water Softener include:

  • Better for cleaning: For cleaner clothes and dishes, use filtered water. If you have hard water, spots might appear on your dishes, it’ll be more challenging to clean your clothing, and there could be a soapy remainder.
  • Extends the lifespan of household appliances: A water softener system not only makes your appliances run more efficiently, but also extends their lifespan. 
  • Better for pipes and plumbing:Hard water can harm your pipes by causing a build-up of deposits, while soft water is much gentler.
  • Softer skin and hair: Hard water is harsh on your skin and hair and may cause it to be dry, brittle, or damaged.
  • Prevents buildup in hot water heater: If you have hard water, there could be a buildup of minerals in your hot water tank, making it less efficient. Installing a water softener system can help to improve your water heater’s performance and reduce how much energy your household uses overall.

Balancing the Pros and Cons of Well Water for Denver Homes

For homeowners in Denver, Colorado, considering well water as an option for accessing natural groundwater is worth exploring, but it requires diligent maintenance due to its susceptibility to contamination. Unlike treated municipal water, well water may carry an array of contaminants, such as bacteria, sediment, pesticides, and heavy metals. Ensuring the ongoing upkeep of your well water system, which includes regular water quality testing, filter replacements, and potential disinfection methods, is crucial to guarantee a consistent and safe source of clean drinking water for your Denver residence. It’s also important to stay informed about potential radioactivity and radionuclides in well water, as these factors can occasionally impact water quality in the region.

Understanding Well Water Contaminants in Denver Homes

For homeowners in Denver, Colorado, who rely on well water, it’s important to be aware that your water supply might potentially contain a variety of contaminants. These contaminants could stem from different sources like agricultural runoff, industrial processes, and naturally occurring elements in the soil. Some common culprits found in well water include bacteria like coliform and E. coli, nitrates, arsenic, lead, iron, manganese, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Conducting regular water testing is essential to detect the presence of these substances and manage them effectively through proper filtration and purification methods.

Enhancing The Well Water Quality For Your Denver Home

For homeowners in Denver, Colorado, who depend on well water, it’s crucial to understand that your water supply could potentially harbor a variety of contaminants. These contaminants might come from different origins like agricultural runoff, industrial processes, and naturally existing elements in the soil. Some typical examples of contaminants found in well water include bacteria like coliform and E. coli, nitrates, arsenic, lead, iron, manganese, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Performing regular water testing is essential to detect the presence of these substances and manage them effectively through proper filtration and purification methods.

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eWater Systems Brands

We are proud to carry the following water softener, purification, and systems brands:

If you’re looking to add a water filtration system to your home in Lakewood, Tomlison faucets are an excellent option. Tomlison is a trusted household name that manufactures water dispensing components. Since 1991, Tomlison Industries has been producing state-of-the-art faucets and fittings for use in both commercial and residential settings. We proudly install Tomlison drinking water faucets, air gap faucets, hot and cold drinking water faucets, reverse osmosis faucets, and more. denver

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Clack is one of the world’s most widely recognized manufacturers of water treatment products. We install Clack control valves and fittings, filter media, tanks, reverse osmosis systems, and water filters for properties all throughout Lakewood.






Nugen has been manufacturing water treatment equipment for over 35 years and offers a wide selection of water filtration media, reverse osmosis systems, residential water softeners, whole house filtration systems, commercial systems, housing, filters, and tanks.






Puregen is best known for its industry-leading reverse osmosis systems which are effective in removing common contaminants found in city water. Puregen also produces a variety of water softener systems and components, DMT fittings and tubing, and RO components and accessories.






Aldex produces high quality resins for water softening which are available in standard performance and high efficiency formulations. Aldex products are used for residential water treatment as well as applications that require ultra pure and medical grade water such as microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, and portable exchange deionization.

denver-puregen-water-softeteners-aldex brochure





As a company, Purolite specializes in resin-based separation, purification, and extraction technology. Purolite’s ion exchange resins provide an effective solution for targeting and removing specific water contaminants, all while reducing waste and costs incurred by property owners.

denver-purolite-ph-p spec sheet





Systematix has been in business for over 40 years and was founded in 1982. Systematix is best known for its water purification products, which include filter media, activated carbon, ion exchange technologies, and cartridges for water filtration and purification.


denver-systemex-loading-and-commission-of-ion-exchange- resin

denver-systemex-1995 -nov-sizing-whole-house-softeners-and-GAC-ilters

denver-systemex-aal spec-sheet

denver-systemex-ph-p spec-sheet

Water Purification USA produces an extensive range of water treatment systems and components for residential city water, well water systems, and commercial and industrial systems. Selected tanks and valves come with a lifetime warranty and all products are manufactured in the USA including their whole house water filters, water softeners, water conditioners, reverse osmosis systems, cartridge filters, and ultraviolet disinfectant products.






Water Inc. is a world-wide distributor of premium water filtration systems and luxury water treatment products. Water Inc. offers a vast selection of high-end water filters, lead-free faucets, and water treatment products.




Water Works is proud to offer a range of water treatment solutions from Industrial Chemical.

Hydronix is a leading producer of water filtration, purification, and separation technologies. We proudly install a wide range of Hydronix water filters, control valves, tanks, components, parts, and accessories.

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If you live in a neighborhood in Lakewood that is at high risk for poor water quality or are concerned about water contaminants, Calgon Corporation manufactures a variety of solutions that can help. Calgon Corporation produces activated carbon products and ultraviolet technologies that are used for removing contaminants and odors and purifying drinking water.





G.A. Murdock has been producing high quality water purification and point-of-use fluid solutions for over 24 years. We proudly offer a wide selection of G.A. Murdock valves, fittings, filters, filter housing, drinking water faucets, products, and systems.






Specialty Mfg. Co. has been in business for over 100 years and produces some of the best metal and plastic valves on the market including ball valves, check valves, and miniature valves for water treatment.






Precision Installation Products is a manufacturer based out of California that offers water treatment and conditioning supplies. At Water Works, we install a wide range of solutions from Precision Installation Products including water filters, reverse osmosis components, faucets, water conditioning parts, and more.






Radon is a natural gas that can cause lung cancer. Radon can build up in water from underground sources. Radonaway produces state-of-the-art radon in water removal systems. If you live in Lakewood and are concerned about radon in your water, Jefferson County has some great information online about radon testing and treatment.





Argonide manufactures premium water filter cartridges that solve water treatment and purification challenges. We are proud to carry Argonide’s full line of advanced water filtration systems including their Nanoceram Filters, NanoCeram Filter Technology, NanoCeram Primer (PDF), Deal Filters, CoolBlue Technologies, and custom filters.






Jacobi produces activated carbon and ion exchange resins designed for water treatment, water softening, heavy metal removal, drinking water, industrial processes, beverage processing, and home water filters.






Hard water is a common concern in Lakewood. Diamond Crystal Water Softener Salt transforms hard water to soft water by removing minerals and buildup.




AXEON produces a wide range of water treatment solutions including membrane systems, filtration systems, ion exchange systems, and disinfection systems.





Stenner has been manufacturing pumps used in water treatment and conditioning since 1957. Stenner peristaltic metering pumps can be used to meter chemicals to impact water pH levels, remove contaminants, and assist with the filtration process.






 Aquatec is one of the top manufacturers in the U.S. that produces precision diaphragm pumps. At Water Works, we frequently install Aquatec Pumps for the purpose of pressure boosting and to deliver water to a specific point of use.






Hydro-Cure melt blown polypropylene sediment cartridges are produced by Clack. Hydro-Cure cartridges are designed to provide high flow rates with minimum pressure drop and are ideal for applications in which economical filters are required.




Accurate water analysis is key for detecting and treating water quality issues. Hach produces a variety of solutions for water analysis including flow meters and sensors, water test kits, chemistries and instruments, automatic samplers, and more.






Cole-Parmer is a trusted producer of water treatment solutions. We proudly offer a wide range of Cole-Parmer products including flow meters, water quality testing technology, tubings and fittings, valves, filtration products, and more.






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