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At Durango, we strive to provide everyone with access to safe drinking water. Safe water is essential for improved wellbeing and quality of life, in addition to a healthy life. This is why our team is committed to providing the community as a whole with trustworthy treatment options.

 For more than 40 years, Colorado has relied on our knowledgeable team as their go-to source for water-related information. To ensure that every community has access to safe and hygienic drinking water, we have a thorough understanding of the various problems that every city and metropolitan area faces, from identifying supply issues to putting practical solutions into practice.

Residential & Commercial Water Services for Durango

Whether you’re in need of a water softener system, water purification system, medical/health grade water, office water filtration, water testing, hard water removal, whole house water filter, or a reverse osmosis filter system, our Lakewood clean water pros are up to the task.

Water Testing

In order to give our customers peace of mind, we provide a range of testing services to make sure the water you use every day is safe and clean. From well sampling to lead tests at your residence or place of business, we can handle any type of water source you use. To receive a free evaluation right away, just complete our brief online form.

Water Softeners

The full potential of Durango’s water can be realized with the help of our softener installation services. For better hydration, our comprehensive service provides mineral-free drinking to both homes and businesses. To ensure you get exactly what you need, we provide a range of softeners to suit every need, from salt-free and ion exchange systems to magnetic models made for maximum performance. Give your routine a boost today with the best of Durango!

Water Purification

Our water filtration systems are the best way to guarantee clean, contaminant-free drinking water. Using a combination of cutting-edge physical filtration and tried-and-true biological processes, we eliminate dangerous toxins, bacteria, and floating matter from your liquid so that it is fit for any use you need it for, including human consumption! You can unwind knowing that our system is providing for all of your water needs.

Water Filtration

If you want the best water filtration system for your home, Water Works is the best choice. You have a variety of options, including showerhead models, countertop filters, and reverse osmosis systems. Like mechanical absorption and ion exchange, there are additionally even more intricate varieties. You can rely on us to take all necessary steps to guarantee the purity and safety of the drinking water in your home.

Additional Services

In addition to water softening and purification, we also offer water hardness removal, iron removal, pH balancing, radionuclide treatment, ozone treatment, and many other services.

Is Durango's Drinking Water Safe?

When it comes to the water quality in Durango, there is no one size fits all solution. Why not look for other viewpoints to make sure you make a decision that best serves your family’s needs? Ask around and take into account many points of view to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

 The Durango community’s availability to clean, secure drinking water is a priority for the Colorado Division of Water Resources. To guarantee that residents have convenient access to pure water, Denver Water’s supply is routinely tested for temperature and chlorine levels.

 Government rules state that local water sources are safe to drink, however some people and other organizations disagree. Even if we go by all the recommendations, more testing could be required before we are assured that our drinking water is secure.

Durango Water Contaminants

Many harmful pollutants, including arsenic, bromodichloromethane, chloroform, and dibromochloromethane, are found in the drinking water of Durango people, according to numerous research findings. It is essential for residents to be informed of the potential health risks of this exposure and to take all required safeguards.

 In their drinking water, Durango people are reportedly exposed to a wide range of harmful contaminants, including arsenic, bromodichloromethane, chloroform, and dibromochloromethane. It is vital for communities to be informed and take the necessary measures given the potential harmful health implications of this exposure.

 Residents of Durango should use caution when drinking water. Installing a filtration or purification system is essential to guaranteeing safe consumption because pollutants can be added due to corrosion in residential plumbing and erosion of natural deposits.

Neighborhoods At Risk for Water Quality Issues

The following neighborhoods in Lakewood may be at high risk for having poor water quality. Many of these neighborhoods contain older homes with outdated plumbing and fixtures including galvanized steel pipes which are known for producing drinking water hazards.

Durango Hills

The concerning water issues in Durango Hills, Colorado, have been confirmed by recent tests. Their community’s water supply contains dangerous impurities that render it unsafe for drinking and can be harmful if contacted while bathing or washing dishes and clothes. Residents of Durango Hills must exercise extreme caution while using any of their household water sources in order to protect themselves from such threats.

Forest Groves

The residents of Forest Groves, Colorado, are in desperate need of assistance because the levels of lead, manganese, chlorine, and nitrates in their drinking water are alarmingly high and exceed EPA guidelines. In addition to endangering their health, this has a negative impact on the environment. Residents who are upset have brought up these problems with state and municipal authorities in the hopes that a quick resolution can be found.


Riverview, a community located in Riverview, Colorado, is facing an urgent water quality crisis that puts the health of its citizens at risk. Recent research has detected alarming levels of bacteria such as total coliform and nitrates, as well as other pollutants, in the drinking water supply. Exposure to these contaminants can cause various forms of cancer, birth defects, and developmental delays in children, among many other severe health issues. It’s essential for us to take immediate action to protect people from potential harm caused by this hazardous situation.

Importance of Water Purification & Filtration

Installing a water filtration or purification system in your Durango home is essential since it lowers your exposure to contaminated water. Having access to clean, safe water for drinking, cleaning, and hygiene can enhance your quality of life in a number of ways, including:

  • Prevents disease and adverse health effects: Contaminants in water, such as harmful chemicals, pesticides, bacteria, and particles, can cause health issues.
  • Protects children and elderly family members: Children and the elderly may be especially vulnerable to health issues brought on by tainted tap water, according to studies.
  • Eliminates the need for bottled water: The environmental impact of bottled water is still negative, and it costs more than tap water.
  • Better taste: Purified tap water is not only better for you, but it also tastes, smells, and is more enjoyable to drink.
  • Better for your skin and hair: By bathing your skin and hair with filtered water, you can maintain their health and lower their exposure to contaminants.

Water Softener System Benefits

In Durango, hard water is a prevalent issue. By installing a water softener system, you may solve issues brought on by hard water and improve the flavor, odor, and clarity of your water supply. A small sample of the benefits of water softeners include the following:

  • Better for cleaning: Filtered water is preferable for washing dishes and clothes. Hard water can make it more difficult to wash your clothes, leave behind a soapy residue, and leave stains on your dishes.
  • Extends the lifespan of household appliances: The efficiency and longevity of your appliances will enhance if you use a water softening system.
  • Better for pipes and plumbing: Using soft water is better for your plumbing and pipes. By utilizing hard water, you run the risk of developing buildup in your pipes.
  • Softer skin and hair: If you use hard water on your skin or hair, they could become dry, brittle, or damaged.
  • Prevents buildup in the hot water heater: Hard water minerals could build up in your hot water tank, decreasing its efficiency. Installing a water softener system may improve your water heater’s efficiency and reduce your household’s energy expenditures.

Balancing the Pros and Cons of Well Water for Durango Homes

For homeowners in Durango, Colorado, relying on well water can provide access to natural groundwater, but it requires diligent maintenance due to its vulnerability to contamination. Unlike treated municipal water, well water may harbor an array of contaminants, such as bacteria, sediment, pesticides, and heavy metals. Consistently tending to well water systems through practices like water quality testing, filter replacements, and potential disinfection methods is vital. These measures are essential to guarantee a dependable and uncontaminated supply of drinking water for households in Durango. Additionally, it’s important to be aware of the possibility of radioactivity and radionuclides in well water and to address any related concerns appropriately.

Understanding Well Water Contaminants in Durango Homes

For homeowners in Durango, Colorado, who depend on well water, it’s crucial to be aware that your water supply might potentially harbor a variety of contaminants. These contaminants could stem from different sources like agricultural runoff, industrial processes, and naturally occurring elements in the soil. Some common examples of contaminants found in well water include bacteria like coliform and E. coli, nitrates, arsenic, lead, iron, manganese, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Performing regular water testing is essential to detect the presence of these substances and manage them effectively through proper filtration and purification methods.

Enhancing The Well Water Quality For Your Durango Home

For homeowners in Durango, Colorado, who rely on well water, it’s important to understand that your water supply could potentially contain a variety of contaminants. These contaminants might originate from various sources like agricultural runoff, industrial processes, and naturally occurring elements in the soil. Some typical culprits found in well water include bacteria like coliform and E. coli, nitrates, arsenic, lead, iron, manganese, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Conducting regular water testing is essential to detect the presence of these substances and manage them effectively through proper filtration and purification methods.

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