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At Fort Lupton, we strongly believe that every individual deserves to have access to clean drinking water. It’s not just essential for good health and hygiene but is also integral for a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing. Keeping this in mind, our team is dedicatedly providing dependable sanitation options throughout the entire community. 

For more than forty years, our knowledgeable team has been a valuable resource for anyone seeking information about water in Colorado. We have an extensive expertise concerning the unique needs of cities and metropolitan areas – from recognizing potential supply problems to creating successful solutions – so you can be certain that everyone is able to access safe drinking water!

Residential & Commercial Water Services for Fort Lupton

Whether you’re in need of a water softener system, water purification system, medical/health grade water, office water filtration, water testing, hard water removal, whole house water filter, or a reverse osmosis filter system, our Lakewood clean water pros are up to the task.

Water Testing

To ensure that you and your family can use water with complete assurance of its cleanliness, we offer a wide range of testing services. Whether it be from wells or even lead tests at your home/business, we have the capability to test any kind water source that you use. Go ahead and fill out our short online form for an instant free evaluation! 

Water Softeners

Transform your water experience with our softener installation services in Fort Lupton! Our tailored service promises mineral-free and healthy drinking for homes, businesses, or any other space looking to maximize the potential of their water. With a selection of salt-free systems, ion exchange models and magnetic versions designed to uphold performance standards–we guarantee you’ll get exactly what it is you need. Take charge of your hydration today with help from Fort Lupton’s premier provider! 

Water Purification

Enjoy pure and safe drinking water with our superior water purification systems! Our products combine high-tech physical filtration and proven biological treatments to remove impurities, bacteria, toxins, and contaminants from your liquid. From human consumption to other needs – rest assured that all of your requirements for clean H20 will be satisfied by our system. With us you can chill out knowing that your family’s health is in excellent hands!

Water Filtration

If you’re looking for the most reliable water filtration system in your home, look no further than Water Works! From reverse osmosis systems and countertop filters to showerhead models or more complex solutions such as mechanical absorption and ion exchange – we’ve got it all covered. You can count on us to take every measure necessary to guarantee that the drinking water in your house is safe, clean, and of peak quality.


Additional Services

In addition to water softening and purification, we also offer water hardness removal, iron removal, pH balancing, radionuclide treatment, ozone treatment, and many other services.

Is Fort Lupton Drinking Water Safe?

When it comes to the water supply in Fort Lupton, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Thus, you should seek out multiple opinions and perspectives that will enable you to make an informed choice for your household. To ensure that all facts are taken into account when making a decision, ask questions around town from people with varying positions on the issue so you can form a complete picture of what’s best for your family.

Denver Water is devoted to providing Fort Lupton residents with clean and healthy drinking water. The Colorado Division of Water Resources inspects Denver Water’s supply on a regular basis for both temperature and chlorine levels, guaranteeing that their consumers get the purest form of H2O available. 

Even though our government claims that the water from local sources is safe for drinking, many are not convinced and have serious doubts. Even if we abide by all regulations in place, further testing may be necessary to ensure that the water you consume is free of any potential harms. 

Fort Lupton Water Contaminants

Numerous studies have revealed that Fort Lupton’s tap water is contaminated with an alarming variety of hazardous chemicals, such as arsenic, bromodichloromethane, chloroform and dibromochloromethane. With these toxic substances posing a potential risk to local residents’ health and wellbeing, it is of utmost importance that they are educated on the issue so they can take any necessary preventative steps. 

Recent research reveals that the drinking water in Fort Lupton is contaminated with a broad array of hazardous toxins, such as arsenic, bromodichloromethane, chloroform and dibromochloromethane. The potential health dangers posed by this exposure are significant; thus it is imperative for locals to take necessary steps to protect themselves. 

Fort Lupton residents must be vigilant when it comes to drinking their water. To guarantee its safety, a filtration or purification system should be installed because of the potential risks posed by plumbing corrosion and naturally occurring pollutants in our water supply.

Neighborhoods At Risk for Water Quality Issues

The following neighborhoods in Lakewood may be at high risk for having poor water quality. Many of these neighborhoods contain older homes with outdated plumbing and fixtures including galvanized steel pipes which are known for producing drinking water hazards.


Recent studies in Mountview, Fort Lupton, Colorado have unveiled a troubling scenario: hazardous toxins are present in the water supply and it is unsafe to drink. Contact with this contaminated liquid via washing dishes or clothes can also be dangerous for residents of this community. To protect themselves from these risks, extra safeguards need to be taken when using any kind of H2O sources at home.

Buffalo Ridge

The people of Buffalo Ridge need our help urgently, as their drinking water is contaminated by excessive levels of nitrates, chlorine, manganese, and lead—all surpassing the Environmental Protection Agency’s standards. This puts not only their wellbeing in jeopardy but also harms the environment. Frustrated locals have expressed these issues to both state and local governments with great urgency for a quick resolution. 

Country Day

The residents of Country Day, located in Fort Lupton, Colorado are currently facing a dire water contamination crisis that jeopardizes their wellbeing. Research has revealed extremely high concentrations of bacteria such as total coliform and nitrates, along with other toxins in the drinking supply. These pollutants can have dangerous repercussions on one’s physical state including cancer and birth defects; not to mention further neurological harm to children. For this reason it is an absolute necessity for us to take swift action now in order to guarantee safety from potential health risks caused by contaminated water sources.

Importance of Water Purification & Filtration

By installing a water filtration or purification system in your Fort Lupton home, you are taking the initiative to reduce any harmful exposure to water contaminants. Not only that, but having access to clean and safe drinking water as well as for cleaning and hygiene purposes can significantly upgrade your lifestyle! Some of the ways it can improve quality of life include: 

  • Prevents disease and adverse health effects: Health problems can be brought on by water contaminants like dangerous chemicals, pesticides, bacteria, and particles.
  • Protects children and elderly family members: According to studies, children and the elderly may be more susceptible to health problems brought on by contaminated tap water.
  • Eliminates the need for bottled water: Bottled water continues to have a negative impact on the environment and is more expensive than tap water.
  • Better taste: In addition to being healthier, purified tap water also tastes and smells better and is more pleasant to drink.
  • Better for your skin and hair: You can keep your skin and hair healthy and reduce exposure to toxins by washing them with purified water.

Water Softener System Benefits

Do you suffer from hard water in Fort Lupton? If so, the solution is right at your fingertips! Installing a water softener system can help to alleviate any issues caused by hard water while also improving its smell, taste and clarity. In addition to these advantages, here are just some of the other perks that come with installing a water softening system: 

  • Better for cleaning: Cleaning clothes and dishes is better done with filtered water. Hard water may leave behind a soapy residue, leave stains on your dishes, and make it harder to wash your clothes.
  • Extends the lifespan of household appliances: Using a water softener system will increase the performance and lifespan of your appliances.
  • Better for pipes and plumbing: It’s easier on your pipes and plumbing to use soft water. Your pipes may develop buildup as a result of using hard water.
  • Softer skin and hair: Your skin and hair may become dry, brittle, or damaged if you use hard water on them.
  • Prevents buildup in the hot water heater: Your hot water tank may become clogged with minerals from hard water, which will reduce its effectiveness. The performance of your water heater may be enhanced, and your household’s energy costs may be decreased, by installing a water softener system.

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