Aldex Chemical

Located in Granby, Quebec, Canada Strong acid cation resins of the highest quality and that constantly adhere to the strict industry specifications have been produced by Aldex Chemical Company Limited for more than 40 years. As a market leader, Aldex has achieved a significant environmental goal by creating cutting-edge resins without the use of chlorinated solvents. Aldex has employed a unique non-solvent production procedure since its debut.

Aldex Products

No matter what kind of copolymer beads you need—coarse copolymer beads specific to the oil and gas industry, ultra-fine, ultra-clean spherical beads for investment casting, or standard size copolymer that will be turned into strong acid cation resins—AC Polymers is in a unique position to offer those items.

AldexCR26-iron-manganese-hydrogen-sulfide-arsenic-removal-media AldexC700-Water-Softening-Resin-Sodium-Form
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