Northglenn Water Filters, Purification & Water Softeners

Expert Water Treatment Solutions in Northglenn: Filters, Purification, and Softeners

Expert Water Treatment Solutions in Northglenn: Filters, Purification, and Softeners

As a general rule of thumb, it’s recommended that you drink about 2 liters of water each day to stay healthy and hydrated. If you do not have clean water coming out of the taps of your home, you probably have to buy your water from the store, which is both time-consuming and costly. Water purification systems provide Northglenn residents with a way to receive access to clean, filtered water in their home that is safe for drinking. From water filters and softeners to whole house purification systems, Water Works offers a variety of options for treating the water in your home. We are Northglenn’s trusted water pros!


Whether you have concerns about hard water or are worried about specific contaminants, we can help. Our friendly professionals are always happy to answer questions and possess years of industry insight and experience. We offer a number of options for helping you achieve your water quality goals including whole house water filters, reverse osmosis systems, water softeners, chloramine removal, ozone treatment, water testing, and more.

Northglenn Residential & Commercial Water Treatment

Water Works is proud to serve the entire city of Northglenn as well as the surrounding areas of Thornton, Federal Heights, Broomfield, Henderson, and beyond. We offer a variety of water purification services including water analysis, softeners, filtration systems, and more.

Water Testing

Water analysis is important because it ensures that your water is safe to drink. You may not think that there are contaminants, bacteria, dirt, or microorganisms floating around in your water, but you don’t know for sure until you have it tested! Water Works offers many different types of water analysis services to meet your needs including well water testing, office water testing, health grade water, commercial water, lead and heavy metal testing, and more.

Water Softeners

Hard water isn’t necessarily bad for your health, but it can be a nuisance. Not only can it cause damage to your plumbing, but it can also make it difficult to get spotless glassware, clean laundry, and scum-free sinks and tubs. At Water Works, we offer a variety of water softeners for treating hard water including ion exchange, salt-free conditioners, reverse osmosis, magnetic, and more.

Water Purification

Water Works is proud to be the trusted professional specialized in residential and commercial water purification in Northglenn. Our owner possesses over 50 years of experience and we’ve come across just about every time of water problem you can possibly encounter. No matter what your water purification needs may be, we’re here to help. All of our solutions are custom designed and based on your needs.

Water Filtration

Water filters are a popular option because they’re both convenient and affordable. Most of the time, they can be installed quickly with minimal disruption and, once they’re in place, will do a good job at removing the majority of contaminants. At Water Works, we offer a variety of water filtration systems for you to choose from including whole house filters, reverse osmosis, under-sink, drop-in, and in-line filters.

Additional Services

Choose Water Works for water purification in Northglenn! In addition to the services mentioned above, we also offer chloramine removal, pH balancing, radionuclide treatment, ozone treatment, and more.

Is the Drinking Water Safe in Northglenn, Colorado?

Purified water may seem like the norm, but the truth is, the majority of water quality issues go undiagnosed. This is because water contaminants are difficult to identify and can’t be spotted with the naked eye alone. If you’re wondering if your drinking water is safe, it’s best to have it tested. Here’s some important information about the quality of the drinking water in Northglenn, Colorado:


The drinking water in Northglenn is managed by the Water Quality Laboratory and the Water Treatment Facility, both of which are owned by the City of Northglenn. The majority of the drinking water comes from the Clear Creek watershed. Northglenn partners with the surrounding cities of Broomfield, Westminster, and Thornton, all of which have a vested interested in the Clear Creek watershed, to share responsibilities related to water quality. 

Each year, the City of Northglenn publishes a report on water quality. You can find more information about Northlenn’s drinking water on the City of Northglenn website.

Northglenn Water Contaminants

Some of the most commonly detected water contaminants in Northglenn include Bromodichloromethane, Chloroform, Dibromochloromethane, Haloacetic acids, trihalomethanes, and Trichloroacetic acid.

Water Quality in Northglenn Neighborhoods

Water Works is happy to provide information about the water quality in Northglenn. Below, you will find some information about the water supply in popular neighborhoods.

Deza Estates

Deza Estates is renowned for its beautiful collection of mid-century homes. Because many of the homes in this neighborhood were built in the 1950’s and 60’s, we recommend that homeowners have their water tested to ensure that it is free of lead and other contaminants that result from corrosive plumbing.

North Creek

North Creek is a popular neighborhood in Northglenn. We frequently visit North Creek to install water filtration and softener systems.

Mod Haven

Mod Haven is a diverse neighborhood with both newer and older properties. We recommend regular water testing to ensure that your water supply is free of contaminants.

Benefits of Water Purification & Filtration Systems

Water treatment plants do a lot to help make our water clean and safe to drink. However, once water leaves the treatment facility, matters are out of their hands and it’s up to you to ensure that your water is free of contaminants. Installing a water purification and filtration system for your Northglenn home is a great way to ensure that your water supply is clean and allows you to enjoy benefits like

  • Reduced exposure to harmful chemicals: Every day, we learn more and more about how chemicals affect our health. Reducing your exposure to waterborne chemicals can help prevent your chances of developing illness and disease. 
  • Better for your budget: Having clean, filtered water that comes from the taps can be a major money-saver since it eliminates the need to buy plastic bottles.
  • Better for cooking and baking: Purified water isn’t just better for drinking – it’s also better for cooking and baking too!
  • A cleaner home: Installing a water filtration system can help reduce build-up, make it easier to clean laundry, and dishes, and result in a cleaner home.
  • Health benefits: Drinking filtered water can reduce your risk of consuming bacteria and viruses that cause disease.

Why Install a Water Softener?

Hard water is a common nuisance that affects household plumbing, personal hygiene, and many aspects of our everyday lives. Installing a water softener is one of the easiest ways to treat hard water and remove minerals. Our water softeners offer Northglenn residents numerous benefits such as:

  • Less damage and dryness: Check out those gorgeous locks! With a water softener, your hair will look healthier and feel softer too. 
  • Cleaner laundry: Nothing’s worse than wasting detergent on laundry that doesn’t get clean! Help your washing machine function better by installing a water softener that removes minerals.
  • Better for the planet: Water softeners are an eco-friendly option that help minimize waste, reduce plastic use, and conserve natural resources.
  • Financial perks: Installing a water softener can have financial benefits too! Your home appliances will function more efficiently, saving you money on utility costs.
  • Reduced maintenance: Hard water is taxing on pipes and plumbing. Installing a water softener can save you a lot of stress and headaches by protecting your plumbing.

Call for Trusted Well Water Filtration Installation!

Ready to ensure clean and safe well water for your Aurora home? Contact us at Colorado Water Purification today and let’s discuss installing a reliable well water filtration system tailored to your needs. Your pure water solution is just a call away!

Balancing the Pros and Cons of Well Water for Northglenn Homes

For homeowners in Northglenn, Colorado, relying on well water can provide access to natural groundwater, but it requires diligent maintenance due to its vulnerability to contamination. In contrast to treated city water, well water may harbor a range of contaminants, including bacteria, sediment, pesticides, heavy metals, and even radioactivity and radionuclides. Ensuring a consistent and trustworthy source of clean drinking water for your Northglenn residence demands routine maintenance of your well water system. This includes conducting regular water quality tests, replacing filters as necessary, and employing appropriate disinfection methods when needed.

Understanding Well Water Contaminants in Northglenn Homes

Relying on well water can provide access to natural groundwater, but it requires diligent maintenance due to its vulnerability to contamination. Unlike treated city water, well water may contain various contaminants, including bacteria, sediment, pesticides, and heavy metals. To ensure a consistent and trustworthy source of clean drinking water for your Northglenn residence, routine maintenance of your well water system is essential. This includes conducting regular water quality tests, replacing filters as necessary, and employing appropriate disinfection methods when needed.

Enhancing The Well Water Quality For Your Northglenn Home

For homeowners in Northglenn, Colorado, relying on well water can be a practical way to access natural groundwater. However, it’s essential to be aware that well water can be susceptible to various contaminants originating from sources like agricultural runoff, industrial activities, and natural elements in the soil. Common impurities that may be present in Northglenn well water include bacteria (such as coliform and E. coli), nitrates, arsenic, lead, iron, manganese, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Water Systems Brands

Water Works is the preferred source for residential and commercial water systems in Northglenn! We are proud to carry the following water softener, filtration, and purification system brands

If you’re looking to add a water filtration system to your home in Northglenn, Tomlison faucets are an excellent option. Tomlison is a trusted household name that manufactures water dispensing components. Since 1991, Tomlison Industries has been producing state-of-the-art faucets and fittings for use in both commercial and residential settings. We proudly install Tomlison drinking water faucets, air gap faucets, hot and cold drinking water faucets, reverse osmosis faucets, and more.

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Clack is one of the world’s most widely recognized manufacturers of water treatment products. We install Clack control valves and fittings, filter media, tanks, reverse osmosis systems, and water filters for properties all throughout Northglenn.






Nugen has been manufacturing water treatment equipment for over 35 years and offers a wide selection of water filtration media, reverse osmosis systems, residential water softeners, whole house filtration systems, commercial systems, housing, filters, and tanks.






Puregen is best known for its industry-leading reverse osmosis systems which are effective in removing common contaminants found in city water. Puregen also produces a variety of water softener systems and components, DMT fittings and tubing, and RO components and accessories.






Aldex produces high quality resins for water softening which are available in standard performance and high efficiency formulations. Aldex products are used for residential water treatment as well as applications that require ultra pure and medical grade water such as microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, and portable exchange deionization.

northglenn-puregen-water-softeteners-aldex brochure





As a company, Purolite specializes in resin-based separation, purification, and extraction technology. Purolite’s ion exchange resins provide an effective solution for targeting and removing specific water contaminants, all while reducing waste and costs incurred by property owners.

northglenn-purolite-ph-p spec sheet





Systematix has been in business for over 40 years and was founded in 1982. Systematix is best known for its water purification products, which include filter media, activated carbon, ion exchange technologies, and cartridges for water filtration and purification.


northglenn-systemex-loading-and-commission-of-ion-exchange- resin

northglenn-systemex-1995 -nov-sizing-whole-house-softeners-and-GAC-ilters

northglenn-systemex-aal spec-sheet

northglenn-systemex-ph-p spec-sheet

Water Purification USA produces an extensive range of water treatment systems and components for residential city water, well water systems, and commercial and industrial systems. Selected tanks and valves come with a lifetime warranty and all products are manufactured in the USA including their whole house water filters, water softeners, water conditioners, reverse osmosis systems, cartridge filters, and ultraviolet disinfectant products.






Water Inc. is a world-wide distributor of premium water filtration systems and luxury water treatment products. Water Inc. offers a vast selection of high-end water filters, lead-free faucets, and water treatment products.




Water Works is proud to offer a range of water treatment solutions from Industrial Chemical.

Hydronix is a leading producer of water filtration, purification, and separation technologies. We proudly install a wide range of Hydronix water filters, control valves, tanks, components, parts, and accessories.






If you live in a neighborhood in Northglenn that is at high risk for poor water quality or are concerned about water contaminants, Calgon Corporation manufactures a variety of solutions that can help. Calgon Corporation produces activated carbon products and ultraviolet technologies that are used for removing contaminants and odors and purifying drinking water.





G.A. Murdock has been producing high quality water purification and point-of-use fluid solutions for over 24 years. We proudly offer a wide selection of G.A. Murdock valves, fittings, filters, filter housing, drinking water faucets, products, and systems.






Specialty Mfg. Co. has been in business for over 100 years and produces some of the best metal and plastic valves on the market including ball valves, check valves, and miniature valves for water treatment.






Precision Installation Products is a manufacturer based out of California that offers water treatment and conditioning supplies. At Water Works, we install a wide range of solutions from Precision Installation Products including water filters, reverse osmosis components, faucets, water conditioning parts, and more.






Radon is a natural gas that can cause lung cancer. Radon can build up in water from underground sources. Radonaway produces state-of-the-art radon in water removal systems. If you live in Lakewood and are concerned about radon in your water, Jefferson County has some great information online about radon testing and treatment.





Argonide manufactures premium water filter cartridges that solve water treatment and purification challenges. We are proud to carry Argonide’s full line of advanced water filtration systems including their Nanoceram Filters, NanoCeram Filter Technology, NanoCeram Primer (PDF), Deal Filters, CoolBlue Technologies, and custom filters.






Jacobi produces activated carbon and ion exchange resins designed for water treatment, water softening, heavy metal removal, drinking water, industrial processes, beverage processing, and home water filters.






Hard water is a common concern in Northglenn. Diamond Crystal Water Softener Salt transforms hard water to soft water by removing minerals and buildup.




AXEON produces a wide range of water treatment solutions including membrane systems, filtration systems, ion exchange systems, and disinfection systems.





Stenner has been manufacturing pumps used in water treatment and conditioning since 1957. Stenner peristaltic metering pumps can be used to meter chemicals to impact water pH levels, remove contaminants, and assist with the filtration process.






 Aquatec is one of the top manufacturers in the U.S. that produces precision diaphragm pumps. At Water Works, we frequently install Aquatec Pumps for the purpose of pressure boosting and to deliver water to a specific point of use.






Hydro-Cure melt blown polypropylene sediment cartridges are produced by Clack. Hydro-Cure cartridges are designed to provide high flow rates with minimum pressure drop and are ideal for applications in which economical filters are required.




Accurate water analysis is key for detecting and treating water quality issues. Hach produces a variety of solutions for water analysis including flow meters and sensors, water test kits, chemistries and instruments, automatic samplers, and more.






Cole-Parmer is a trusted producer of water treatment solutions. We proudly offer a wide range of Cole-Parmer products including flow meters, water quality testing technology, tubings and fittings, valves, filtration products, and more.






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