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Our unwavering mission is to provide the entire community with reliable access to clean water. We understand that clean drinking water is essential not only for good health, but also for an enriched life. Our team is dedicated to delivering trustworthy treatment services throughout the area.

For 40 years, our team of water experts has been providing Colorado with access to safe, clean drinking water. We understand the unique challenges faced by each city and are committed to delivering effective solutions. Our passion for water has never wavered.

Residential & Commercial Water Services for Frisco

Whether you’re in need of a water softener system, water purification system, medical/health grade water, office water filtration, water testing, hard water removal, whole house water filter, or a reverse osmosis filter system, our Frisco clean water pros are up to the task.

Water Testing

We provide a wide range of water testing services to ensure your water security. Our services include testing wells and checking for lead in both homes and workplaces. To request a free evaluation, simply fill out our online form. With us as your provider, you can trust that any water source will meet necessary safety standards and be free from impurities.

Water Softeners

Experience superior water quality with our softener installation services in Frisco. Our salt-free and ion exchange systems or magnetic models are designed for peak performance, providing crystal clear drinking water and total hydration for both businesses and homes. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Choose Frisco’s incomparable service provider today!

Water Purification

Our water purification system is designed to provide you with safe and clean drinking water at home. Through a combination of physical filtration and biological treatments, we can eliminate hazardous toxins, bacteria, and other unwanted particles from the water. Our system is reliable and effective, ensuring that the water is certified for human consumption.

Water Filtration

Are you in need of a reliable water filtration system for your home? Consider Water Works! We provide a range of options such as reverse osmosis systems, countertop filters, showerhead models and more to suit your family’s specific needs. Additionally, we are committed to ensuring safe drinking water throughout your home when you choose us as your partner.

Additional Services

In addition to water softening and purification, we also offer water hardness removal, iron removal, pH balancing, radionuclide treatment, ozone treatment, and many other services.

Is Frisco's Drinking Water Safe?

To the highest quality of water for your family in Frisco, it’s crucial to seek advice from multiple sources. Consult with your friends, neighbors, and colleagues to learn about the available local water options. Gathering as much information as possible will help you make an informed decision, giving you an advantage.

The Colorado Division of Water Resources ensures that the citizens of Frisco have access to clean drinking water of the highest quality by monitoring temperature and chlorine levels in their supply. Denver Water carries out this monitoring with great care, making sure that the water is pure and safe for consumption at all times.

Frisco Water Contaminants

The water in Frisco has dangerous pollutants like arsenic, bromodichloromethane, chloroform, and dibromochloromethane. Research has found this out. To protect themselves from any long-term negative effects on their health, it is important for the citizens of Frisco to be aware of this and take proactive measures. 

Studies have discovered the presence of harmful toxins, including arsenic, bromodichloromethane, chloroform and dibromochloromethane, in the drinking water of Frisco’s residents. To ensure their safety, it is crucial for locals to understand the potential health risks associated with these substances and take necessary measures to protect themselves.

Neighborhoods At Risk for Water Quality Issues

The following neighborhoods in Frisco may be at high risk for having poor water quality. Many of these neighborhoods contain older homes with outdated plumbing and fixtures including galvanized steel pipes which are known for producing drinking water hazards.

Lake Point

The water in Lake Point has been found to contain harmful contaminants, rendering it unsafe for consumption. Additionally, even using this water for bathing or washing dishes carries health risks. To stay safe, residents of Lake Point must be especially careful when using any of their household water sources.

Marina Park

The drinking water in Marina Park has dangerous levels of nitrates, chlorine, manganese, and lead that exceed the safety regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency. This is causing harm to both the people and the environment.

Meadow Creek

The water in Meadow Creek community is dangerous to drink. Tests have shown that it contains harmful levels of total coliform, nitrates, and other pollutants that can cause serious health problems like cancer, birth defects, and delayed development in children. The people living there are in danger.

Importance of Water Purification & Filtration

Installing a water filtration system in your Frisco home is a crucial step to safeguarding your family from harmful contaminants. It provides clean, safe water for drinking, cleaning, and hygiene, resulting in better overall quality of life. Benefits of installing a water filtration system include:

  • Prevents disease and adverse health effects: Water, such as hazardous chemicals, pesticides, bacteria, and particles can cause health problems.
  • Protects children and elderly family members: Studies suggest that contaminated tap water can have a greater impact on the health of children and the elderly.
  • Eliminates the need for bottled water: Compared to tap water, bottled water is not only more expensive but also has a harmful impact on the environment.
  • Better taste: Drinking purified tap water not only improves your health, but it also enhances the taste, smell, and overall drinking experience.
  • Better for your skin and hair: Washing your skin and hair with purified water can help maintain their health and minimize toxin exposure.

Water Softener System Benefits

Do you have issues with hard water in Frisco? You can solve this by installing a high-quality water softener system, which will bring significant improvements. In addition, the taste, smell, and appearance of your tap water will also be noticeably enhanced. Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

  • Better for cleaning: Using filtered water is recommended for cleaning clothes and dishes. When hard water is used, it can leave a soap residue, cause stains on dishes, and make it more difficult to wash clothes.
  • Increases the lifespan of household appliances: Your appliances will perform better and last longer if you use a water softener system.
  • Better for pipes and plumbing: Using soft water is better for your pipes and plumbing because hard water can cause buildup in them.
  • Softer skin and hair: Using hard water on your skin and hair may lead to dryness, brittleness, and damage.
  • Prevents buildup in the hot water heater: Installing a water softener system can improve the performance of your water heater and lower your household’s energy costs. Hard water minerals can clog your hot water tank and reduce its effectiveness.

Call for Trusted Well Water Filtration Installation!

Ready to ensure clean and safe well water for your Aurora home? Contact us at Colorado Water Purification today and let’s discuss installing a reliable well water filtration system tailored to your needs. Your pure water solution is just a call away!

Balancing the Pros and Cons of Well Water for Frisco Homes

For homeowners in Frisco, Colorado, well water offers a means to access natural groundwater, but it necessitates diligent upkeep due to its vulnerability to contamination. In contrast to treated city water, well water can potentially harbor a range of contaminants, such as bacteria, sediment, pesticides, and heavy metals. Consistently maintaining your well water system is crucial, encompassing routine water quality testing, timely filter replacements, and addressing concerns about radioactivity and radionuclides that can occasionally affect well water safety in the region. This comprehensive care ensures a dependable and clean drinking water supply for your Frisco residence.

Understanding Well Water Contaminants in Frisco Homes

For homeowners in Frisco, Colorado, well water provides access to natural groundwater, but it requires regular maintenance due to its vulnerability to contamination. Unlike treated city water, well water may contain a variety of impurities, including bacteria, sediment, pesticides, and heavy metals. Consistent upkeep of your well water system is essential, involving routine water quality testing, timely filter replacements, and comprehensive measures to ensure the safety and quality of your drinking water supply.

Enhancing The Well Water Quality For Your Frisco Home

For homeowners in Frisco, Colorado, well water is a valuable source of natural groundwater, but it necessitates ongoing care due to its susceptibility to contamination. Unlike treated municipal water, well water can contain a variety of impurities, such as bacteria, sediment, pesticides, and heavy metals. To ensure a consistently safe and reliable supply of clean drinking water for your Frisco residence, it’s crucial to commit to regular maintenance of your well water system. This involves conducting routine water quality testing, replacing filters when needed, and implementing comprehensive measures to address any potential contaminants.

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