Englewood Water Filtration Systems, Water Softeners & More

Englewood Water Filtration Systems, Water Softeners & More

Englewood Water Filtration Systems, Water Softeners & More

The value of water is priceless. You may not think about it every time you turn on the faucet, but clean water is something that you cannot live without. Not only do we need water for drinking, but we also need it for bathing, cleaning wounds and preventing diseases, cooking and baking, and keeping our homes clean. Unfortunately, contaminants in water are all too common. Water Works is here to make sure that you and your loved ones get access to the clean, safe water you need. From testing water in your home to installing water softeners, filters, and purification systems, our Englewood clean water pros are up to any task! 


Treating hard water and water contaminants can be complicated. You need qualified experts on your side who are well-versed in the processes and procedures for diagnosing and treating water quality issues. At Water Works, we’ve been serving the residents and businesses of Englewood for decades and are able to handle projects of all sizes and complexities. Our extensive list of services includes whole house water filters, reverse osmosis, water softeners, chloramine removal, ozone treatment, water testing, and more.

Englewood Residential & Commercial Water Treatment

Water Works is proud to serve the entire city of Englewood as well as the surrounding areas of Sheriden, Bow Mar, Greenwood Village, Littleton, Southglenn, Cherry Hills Village, and beyond. We offer a variety of water purification services including water analysis, softeners, filtration systems, and more.

Water Testing

Water contaminants come in many different forms. Contaminants can be broken down into four different categories which include physical, radiological, chemical, and biological. Most of the time, when these contaminants are present, you cannot see them. That’s where water testing can help. Water Works offers a number of water testing and analysis services for your home or business. This includes well water testing, office water testing, health grade water, commercial water, lead and heavy metal testing, and more.

Water Softeners

Hard water can occur as a result of natural processes or sometimes may be the result of aged or corroded plumbing. Having water with high mineral content can cause disruptions in your everyday life and affect your laundry, household plumbing, and the efficiency of your appliances, as well as result in water that tastes bad or is unpleasant to drink. At Water Works, we offer a variety of water softeners for treating hard water including ion exchange, salt-free conditioners, reverse osmosis, magnetic, and more.

Water Purification

Water Works is proud to be the leading provider of water purification systems in Englewood. We’re unique from competitors because we approach our work from a custom perspective, focusing on the individual needs of each client. We take the time to listen to your concerns and are detail-oriented in every aspect of our work, from diagnosis to treatment. Let our water purification experts go to work for you!

Water Filtration

Water filtration systems are a common method used for removing contaminants and undesired compounds. However, many homeowners are unsure about what type of water filter they need. Selecting the wrong water filter or installing it incorrectly could put your water quality at risk. Get the peace of mind of knowing that your water is safe by letting our experts implement the right solutions in your home. Our extensive inventory includes whole house filters, reverse osmosis, under-sink, drop-in, and in-line filters, and more.

Additional Services

Water Works is here to help with all of your clean water needs! In addition to the services mentioned above, we also offer chloramine removal, pH balancing, radionuclide treatment, ozone treatment, and more.

Is the Drinking Water Safe in Englewood, Colorado?

Perhaps you have good reason to suspect that there may be issues with the water in your home or business. Maybe you’ve noticed that it has a bad smell or taste. Or perhaps you’ve just seen a lot of stories on the news about water contamination and have developed some concern. Either way, you’re curious to know, is the drinking water safe in Englewood? Here is some important information that can help:


The drinking water in Englewood is managed by the City of Engleood’s Utilities Department. The majority of the drinking water comes from snowmelt, which is then stored in either the Meadow Creek Reservoir, Chatfield Reservoir, or McLellan Reservoir. Water is treated at the Reverse Allen Water Treatment Plant.


Englewood is known for having very hard water. Water hardness varies from 100 to 300 ppm. Levels over 180 ppm are considered to be very hard. 

Each year, the City of Englewood publishes a report on water quality. You can find more information about the drinking water on the City of Englewood Utilities website.

Englewood Water Contaminants

Some of the most commonly detected water contaminants in Englewood include Uranium, Haloacetic acids, Trihalomethanes, Bromodichloromethane, Arsenic, Nitrate, Dibromochloromethane, and more.

Water Quality in Englewood Neighborhoods

Water Works is happy to provide information about the water quality in Englewood. Below, you will find some information about the water supply in popular neighborhoods. 

Arapahoe Acres

Arapahoe Acres is Englewood’s most prominent historic neighborhood. We recommend water testing on a regular basis if you live in Arapahoe Acres due to the potential for corroded pipes and lead contamination. 


South Broadway Heights

South Broadway is one of Englewood’s most diverse neighborhoods. Here, you can find homes both new and old, built anywhere between the years of 1905 and 2017. If you live in an older home in South Broadway, we highly recommend installing a water filtration system.

Centennial Acres

Centennial Acres is one of Englewood’s older neighborhoods and features a number of homes built between 1954 and 1976. Any home built prior to 1980 is at risk for having lead plumbing, s water quality should be monitored carefully. 

Benefits of Water Purification & Filtration Systems

The first step to ensuring that your water is safe and healthy is installing a water purification system. Water filtration systems play an important role in removing contaminants and can make your water more enjoyable to drink. Some of the advantages of installing a water filtration system for your Englewood home include: 

  • Reduced exposure to harmful chemicals: Installing a water purification system can help reduce your risk of being exposed to harmful chemicals, allowing you to live a long life that is free of disease. 
  • Financial benefits: There are major financial benefits that can come from installing a water filtration system. Not only will you save money by not buying plastic water bottles, but your appliances will run more efficiently, decreasing your utility costs.
  • Delicious tasting food: We use water for cooking, baking, and even preparing fruits and vegetables. If water is bitter or off-tasting, your food will be too. Installing a water filter can dramatically improve the taste of your meals.
  • Easier cleaning: Having a hard time getting your tub clean or getting odors out of your laundry? Install a water filter! Treated water is far better for cleaning and doing laundry since it contains less minerals, grime, and contaminants. 

Health perks: Installing a water filtration system can help you stay healthy and reduce your risk of becoming infected with water-borne viruses, bacteria, and diseases.

Why Install a Water Softener?

Hard water is a common problem in Englewood. While water may be only moderately hard in the spring, it becomes extremely hard during the winter. Living with hard water can be challenging and, eventually, expensive if it ends up affecting household plumbing. Water softeners offer Englewood homeowners an easy solution for treating hard water, as well as benefits like:  

  • Luscious skin and hair: Water softeners remove minerals that dry out your skin and hair. Just wait until you see the difference! Your skin and hair will feel softer than ever before.
  • Clean socks, underwear, and clothes: It can be hard to remove odors and stains from laundry when you’re dealing with hard water. Installing a water softener will help your washing machine work better and you’ll use less detergent too!
  • Better for our oceans, forests, and wildlife: Water softeners help reduce waste and prevent plastic pollution in natural environments like rivers, oceans, and forests. 
  • Improved efficiency: Your hot water heater and other appliances will run smoother and more efficiently!
  • Avoid plumbing repairs: Hard water is tough on your pipes. You need soft water to keep your pipes flowing freely and prevent clogs and build-up.

Water Systems Brands

Water Works is the preferred source for residential and commercial water systems in Englewood! We are proud to carry the following water softener, filtration, and purification system brands:

If you’re looking to add a water filtration system to your home in Englewood, Tomlison faucets are an excellent option. Tomlison is a trusted household name that manufactures water dispensing components. Since 1991, Tomlison Industries has been producing state-of-the-art faucets and fittings for use in both commercial and residential settings. We proudly install Tomlison drinking water faucets, air gap faucets, hot and cold drinking water faucets, reverse osmosis faucets, and more.

PDF Resources:





Clack is one of the world’s most widely recognized manufacturers of water treatment products. We install Clack control valves and fittings, filter media, tanks, reverse osmosis systems, and water filters for properties all throughout Englewood.






Nugen has been manufacturing water treatment equipment for over 35 years and offers a wide selection of water filtration media, reverse osmosis systems, residential water softeners, whole house filtration systems, commercial systems, housing, filters, and tanks.






Puregen is best known for its industry-leading reverse osmosis systems which are effective in removing common contaminants found in city water. Puregen also produces a variety of water softener systems and components, DMT fittings and tubing, and RO components and accessories.






Aldex produces high quality resins for water softening which are available in standard performance and high efficiency formulations. Aldex products are used for residential water treatment as well as applications that require ultra pure and medical grade water such as microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, and portable exchange deionization.

englewood-puregen-water-softeteners-aldex brochure





As a company, Purolite specializes in resin-based separation, purification, and extraction technology. Purolite’s ion exchange resins provide an effective solution for targeting and removing specific water contaminants, all while reducing waste and costs incurred by property owners.

englewood-purolite-ph-p spec sheet





Systematix has been in business for over 40 years and was founded in 1982. Systematix is best known for its water purification products, which include filter media, activated carbon, ion exchange technologies, and cartridges for water filtration and purification.


englewood-systemex-loading-and-commission-of-ion-exchange- resin

englewood-systemex-1995 -nov-sizing-whole-house-softeners-and-GAC-ilters

englewood-systemex-aal spec-sheet

englewood-systemex-ph-p spec-sheet

Water Purification USA produces an extensive range of water treatment systems and components for residential city water, well water systems, and commercial and industrial systems. Selected tanks and valves come with a lifetime warranty and all products are manufactured in the USA including their whole house water filters, water softeners, water conditioners, reverse osmosis systems, cartridge filters, and ultraviolet disinfectant products.






Water Inc. is a world-wide distributor of premium water filtration systems and luxury water treatment products. Water Inc. offers a vast selection of high-end water filters, lead-free faucets, and water treatment products.




Water Works is proud to offer a range of water treatment solutions from Industrial Chemical.

Hydronix is a leading producer of water filtration, purification, and separation technologies. We proudly install a wide range of Hydronix water filters, control valves, tanks, components, parts, and accessories.






If you live in a neighborhood in Englewood that is at high risk for poor water quality or are concerned about water contaminants, Calgon Corporation manufactures a variety of solutions that can help. Calgon Corporation produces activated carbon products and ultraviolet technologies that are used for removing contaminants and odors and purifying drinking water.





G.A. Murdock has been producing high quality water purification and point-of-use fluid solutions for over 24 years. We proudly offer a wide selection of G.A. Murdock valves, fittings, filters, filter housing, drinking water faucets, products, and systems.






Specialty Mfg. Co. has been in business for over 100 years and produces some of the best metal and plastic valves on the market including ball valves, check valves, and miniature valves for water treatment.






Precision Installation Products is a manufacturer based out of California that offers water treatment and conditioning supplies. At Water Works, we install a wide range of solutions from Precision Installation Products including water filters, reverse osmosis components, faucets, water conditioning parts, and more.






Radon is a natural gas that can cause lung cancer. Radon can build up in water from underground sources. Radonaway produces state-of-the-art radon in water removal systems. If you live in Lakewood and are concerned about radon in your water, Jefferson County has some great information online about radon testing and treatment.





Argonide manufactures premium water filter cartridges that solve water treatment and purification challenges. We are proud to carry Argonide’s full line of advanced water filtration systems including their Nanoceram Filters, NanoCeram Filter Technology, NanoCeram Primer (PDF), Deal Filters, CoolBlue Technologies, and custom filters.






Jacobi produces activated carbon and ion exchange resins designed for water treatment, water softening, heavy metal removal, drinking water, industrial processes, beverage processing, and home water filters.






Hard water is a common concern in Englewood. Diamond Crystal Water Softener Salt transforms hard water to soft water by removing minerals and buildup.




AXEON produces a wide range of water treatment solutions including membrane systems, filtration systems, ion exchange systems, and disinfection systems.





Stenner has been manufacturing pumps used in water treatment and conditioning since 1957. Stenner peristaltic metering pumps can be used to meter chemicals to impact water pH levels, remove contaminants, and assist with the filtration process.






 Aquatec is one of the top manufacturers in the U.S. that produces precision diaphragm pumps. At Water Works, we frequently install Aquatec Pumps for the purpose of pressure boosting and to deliver water to a specific point of use.






Hydro-Cure melt blown polypropylene sediment cartridges are produced by Clack. Hydro-Cure cartridges are designed to provide high flow rates with minimum pressure drop and are ideal for applications in which economical filters are required.




Accurate water analysis is key for detecting and treating water quality issues. Hach produces a variety of solutions for water analysis including flow meters and sensors, water test kits, chemistries and instruments, automatic samplers, and more.






Cole-Parmer is a trusted producer of water treatment solutions. We proudly offer a wide range of Cole-Parmer products including flow meters, water quality testing technology, tubings and fittings, valves, filtration products, and more.






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