Salt-Free Water Conditioners

Salt-Free Water Conditioners in Colorado

Water Works offers a variety of salt-free conditioners for Colorado residents seeking an alternative to traditional salt-based water softeners. The signs of hard water are subtle and may include everything from scale and build-up in your sinks, shower, or tub to spotty glassware to plumbing problems. Salt-free water conditioners provide a solution for overcoming challenges related to hard water without having to rely on salt or drying additives. Keep your appliances running smoothly and enjoy cleaner clothes, laundry, and dishes. Our salt-free water conditioners make it easy to keep hard water in check!

What Is Hard Water?

Depending on where you live in Colorado, you may have hard water in your home. Hard water is water that has high mineral content. Usually, this occurs as a result of water passing through deposits of limestone, chalk, or gypsum, which are mostly made up of calcium and magnesium. While hard water isn’t considered unhealthy or dangerous, it can affect the way your water tastes and smells, and can leave behind traces of minerals. Over time, it’s possible for this scale and buildup to cause issues with your plumbing, hot water heater, and appliances.

Salt-Based Vs. Salt-Free Water Softeners

Water softeners are often used to treat hard water and remove the excess amount of calcium and magnesium. Minerals are replaced with sodium during a process called “ion exchange.” However, some people who have sensitive taste buds may find soft water unappealing to drink. Additionally, the increased sodium content could cause your skin and hair to feel dry after washing.

There is no such thing as a salt-free water softener, but there are salt-free water conditioners. Salt-free water conditioners alter the chemical composition of magnesium and calcium in hard water, making it less likely to cling to surfaces. This reduces the amount of buildup and scale that occurs. The minerals remain in the water, but they take on an altered state. They condition the water. This is why they are referred to as “conditioners” and not “softeners.”

Does Colorado Have Hard Water?

Water hardness varies throughout the state of Colorado. Therefore, some homes may be more affected by hard water than others. 

If you live in Denver, you may find that your water hardness varies based on the time of year. Denver’s water is hard during the winter because waterways have a tendency to freeze and absorb more minerals. In general, however, Denver’s water is classified as soft to moderately hard.

If you’re concerned about hardness and mineral content, you may be able to diagnose the issue yourself by observing the way your water behaves. If your water leaves behind deposits in the sink or bathtub, it’s probably moderately hard to hard. On the other hand, if you don’t ever see these deposits and get lots of suds when you use soap, you probably have soft water.

In the end, the best way to determine if you have hard water is to have your water tested by a professional. 

Salt-Free Water Treatment Services from Water Works

Water Works offers comprehensive salt-free water treatment in Denver and the state of Colorado. Whether you’re looking for someone to test for hard water in your home or are interested in exploring salt-free alternatives for removing hard water, Water Works can provide the expert insight and assistance you need. We carry an extensive inventory of salt-free water conditioning systems including indoor and outdoor systems, whole house systems, eco-friendly options, and more.

Explore Options for Hard Water Removal

Water Works offers a variety of options for hard water removal in Colorado including salt-free water conditioners, water softening systems, and more. Our water specialists proudly serve Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Pueblo, the Rocky Mountains region, and all nearby areas. Call our office today to learn more about our services and find the right option for treating hard water in your home!

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