Benefits of Reverse Osmosis for Eastern Colorado

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis for Eastern Colorado

Water quality has long been a hot topic for small towns and communities located in Eastern Colorado. In many of these rural areas, agriculture is the predominant industry which is a concern because some farming activities can have a negative impact on water quality. Additionally, some communities struggle with contamination issues like lead in water, uranium, radium, and other concerns. That’s why many residents in the Eastern Plains in areas like Sterling, Burlington, Strasbourg, and Fort Morgan are turning to reverse osmosis as a solution. Below, we’ve discussed the benefits of reverse osmosis for Eastern Colorado communities in detail.

What Is a Reverse Osmosis Filter System?

Reverse osmosis is a common method used for water treatment and purification. A semipermeable membrane is used to filter out contaminants and separate unwanted molecules and particles from drinking water.

Reasons to Consider Reverse Osmosis

If you’re concerned about the water quality in your home, business, or community, then reverse osmosis could be the right option for you. This type of advanced water filtration system offers Eastern Colorado residents many benefits including:

  • Removal of dissolved solids: Dissolved solids are salts, minerals, metals, and substances found in untreated water. While some substances can be safe in moderation, others such as lead and copper can pose a serious hazard to your health. Reverse osmosis removes up to 95-99% of TDS (total dissolved solids). 
  • Improved taste, color, and odor: Purified water tastes better, looks more appealing, and is free of unpleasant odors. It is also better for cooking and cleaning.
  • Low maintenance: There is very little maintenance required. All you have to do is switch out the filters and keep the system clean. 

A Compelling Case Study: Sterling, Colorado

The new water treatment facility in Sterling, Colorado presents a compelling case as to how reverse osmosis can be beneficial to the community and tremendously improve water quality. Up until recently, Sterling had several issues with its water supply, including contamination problems related to uranium and radium. In 2014, the city invested in a new water treatment plant that included a reverse osmosis system.

Immediately after the treatment plant was put to use, the city’s drinking water improved substantially. The RO system works to remove the uranium, radium, and contaminants that were once present in the water supply. Additionally, residents enjoy better tasting and healthier drinking water. 

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Water Works proudly serves all towns and communities in Eastern Colorado. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of reverse osmosis in Lamar, Limon, Julesburg, Yuma, or the surrounding areas, please contact our office.

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